Pipkin Family Association

Isaac Pipkin d bef 24 Jun 1814
Gates County, NC


Newsletter 1964

Newsletter 1970

Newsletter 1984

Isaac Pipkin, Ensign, 1772

Pay Voucher, Military Service, Aug 1782, Gates, Gates County, NC

Pay Voucher, Military Service, 18 Nov 1783, Gates, Gates County, NC

Gates County, NC - 1786 Census

Jacob Freeman-Sarah Pipkin Marriage, 1798 - Image

Last Will & Testament, 1800

Estate Papers, 1814-1817

Oscar H. Pipkin, Sr. Record

Isaac Pipkin Sr. & sons Isaac Jr. and John Pipkin Deeds, 1780-1803

Newsletter 1984

John Pipkin Deeds in Northampton County, NC

John Pipkin Late Sheriff, 1812

John Pipkin Estate Records, 1812-1819

Dr. Isaac & Margaret Pipkin

Newsletter 1965

Isaac Pipkin Jr. House - Before

Isaac Pipkin Jr. House Dairy - Before

Isaac Pipkin Jr. House - After

John D. Pipkin Marriage, 1824

John D. Pipkin, Bill of Sale, 1825

Jethro Pipkin Obituary, 1833

Isaac Pipkin Jr. Will, 1837

John D. Pipkin Petition to Divide Land, 1840 - Image

John D. Pipkin to Governor Ed. B. Dudley, 1840

John D. Pipkin to Gov Wm A. Graham, 1845

John D. Pipkin Sharpshooter

John D. Pipkin Pedigree Chart

Edward Howell Bible Records

Andrew Pipkin to Edward I Pipkin, 1854

Thomas Pipkin to Edward I Pipkin, 1854

Pipkin Letters

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