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Richard Hines Deed to John Pipkin, 1735

Chowan County, NC Register of Deeds

This Indenture made the nineteenth day of Septemr in the ninth year of the Reign of our Soverign Lord George the Second by the grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King Defender of the faith &c and in the year of our Lord 1735 Between Richd Hines of the upper parish of Nansemond County in Virginia of the one part & John Pipkin of Chowan Precinct in No Carolina of the other part Witnesseth that the said Richd Hines for & in consideration of the just sum of a quantity of thirty seven Barrels of every way good Merchantable Tar to him in hand Truly paid at & before the Sealing and delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof he the said Richd Hines doth hereby acknowledge and thereof & of every part & parcel thereof doth clearly and absolutely acquit Exonerate & discharge him the said John Pipkin his Heirs & Exers & assigns and every & either of them for ever by these presents hath granted Bargained & sold and by these presents doth fully clearly & absolutly give grant bargain alein sell Convey & for ever make over and confirm unto him the said John Pipkin one certain Tract or parcel of Land formerly granted by patent unto one Charles Sott as by the said Patent now upon the Public Record of Virg'a it doth & may appear & was by the said Scott and Mary his wife bargain & Sold and Conveyed unto Rd Hines of the County of Nansemond as by their asignments on the back of the Patent Dated the 15th day of April Annos domi 1695 Relation being thereunto to had more fully & at large it doth & may appear which said Land Bounded as followeth Vizt

Beginning at a marked pine a Corner Tree of the Patent Standing on the Southwest side of a Swamp that runs into Sarum Swamp commonly called Millses Swamp from thence running Southerly along the Patent Thence running westwardly along the Patent line to a marked pine another Corner tree of the Patent line to a marked white Oak another Corner Tree and from thence northwarly along the said Patent Line to a marked Hickery Standing in or near the said Millses Swammp another corner tree of the Patent and from thence running down the said Swamp and bounded by the main Run of the same to a marked pine being the first mentioned Station all which Tract of parcel of Land is bounded as afs contained in the whole by Estimation be the same more or less One Hundred & Sixty acres with the Reversion & Reversions Remainder and Remainders issues and profits of all and Singular the premisis with the appurts unto him the said John Piken his Heirs & assigns for ever with all the Rights members & appurts thereof with all woods underwoods Timber & Trees Swamps Marshes Meadows pocosons low grounds pasture & pasture grounds waters water courses Springs & fountains and all other Liberties and priviledges wtsoever belonging ordinary wise apppertaining and the said Richd Hines for himself his Heirs Exers admrs doth by these presents promise grant & agree to & with the said John Pipkin his Heirs & assigns and every and either of them that he now hath a good right Title & Estate in this premisis in fee simple and that he now hath in himself full power good Right & Lawfull authority to grant bargain sell and convey the same premises unto him the said John Pipkin his Heirs and assigns forever and by these presents doth warrt the sd Demised Lands and premises so bargained & sold to be free and clear from all claim & Demand of him the said Richd Hines his Heirs Exers & assigns and of & from the lawfull claim & Demand of all or any manner of person or persons whatsoever and that the said mentioned & Demised Lands & premises With their appurts unto him the said John Pipkin his Execrs & assigns free & freely clear & clearly acquitted Exonerated and discharged of & from all manner of former & other gifts grants Bargains Sales leases uses wills Intails annuities Mortgages Rights of Dower Rents & arrearages of Rents also all Incumbrances either in law or Equity of what nature & kink so ever but that he the said John Pipkin his Heirs Exers & assigns every & Either of them shall & lawfully may from time to time and for Ever hereafter peaceably & quietly have hold occupy possess & Enjoy the said hereby granted & demised Lands & premises and every part & parcel thereof with their & every of their appurts without any the Lawfull Sell Suit Trouble denial disturbance Molestation Interuption or Eviction of him the sd Richd Hines his Heirs & assigns & of and from the lawfull claim Title Interest or Demand of all or any manner of Person of persons whatsoever unto him the said Jno Pipkin his Heirs & assigns he the said Richd Hines for himself his Heirs &c doth and will warrant and forever defend by these presents. In Witness whereof he the said Richd Hines hath hereunto Set his hand & Seal dated the day & year first above written.

Richd (his R mark) Hines

Signed Sealed & Delivered
In presence of us
George (his G mark) Wilde
John (X mark) Hineses
William Butler

July Court 1736
Present his Majestyes Justices
Memorandum the within Deed of Sale of Land from Rd Hines to John Pipkin was duly proved by the Oath of George Wilde one of the Subscribing Evidences thereto

Test Jas Cravin Cler Cur

Chowan County, NC Court Minutes, 1735-1738; 1746-1748, Book II
by Weynette Parks Haun

Jul 1736-Oct 1736
A deed of sale of land from Richard Hines to John Pipkin is duely proved by the oath of George Wild one of the subscribing evidences thereto and likewise that he saw John Hines & Wm Butter? sign as evidences thereto at the same time and on motion is ordered to be registered. Certifid.

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