Pipkin Family Association

John Pipkin Sr. 1719/20 Land Grant

Contributed by Bob Pipkin

To all whom it may concern, Know ye that Do give and grant to Jno Pipkin, a tract of land containing 640 acres lying in Chowan Precinct beginning at a water oak nigh the head of Long Branch which said Branch comes out of Peters Swamp then North 55 west 176 poles to the centre of two pines and a black oak in Samuel Merriots line then along his line north 33 east 40 poles, then north 37 east 118 poles to a dead pine Samuel Merritts corner thence the same course north 37 east 179 poles to a water oak then north 20 east 80 poles to a poplar nigh a swamp then thro the said swamp south 75 east to a pine Henry Goodmans corner then along the said Goodman lines south 23 west 198 poles to a pine, then south 563 east 118 poles to a pine by Peters Swamp, then down the various courses of the said swamp to Long Branch thence the various courses of Long Branch to the first station. To hold March the 1st, 1719/20. Witness Cha: Eden, Thomas Pollock, Fre: Jones, Richard Sanderson, John Hecklefield.

Gates County, North Carolina Land Deeds, 1776-1795 by Marilyn Poe Laird & Judith Krause Reid

8 Feb 1780 - William Goodman, Senr to my son William Goodman Junr - good will and respect I owe to my dutiful son, William, 170a land I purchased from my son, John Goodman adj mouth of a branch called Long Branch part of a patent granted to John Pipkin dec'd bearing date 4 Apr 1720. Wts: John Bethy and Henry Goodman

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