Pipkin Family Association

Martha Pipkin Hands, 1745

NC Archives - Chowan County, NC October Court Minutes 1745

In obedience to an order passed at October Court 1745 to us directed to lay off a road as by the said order will fully appear, accordingly we the following persons have laid off the same Vizt:

John Lewis, John Skinner, Wm. Taloe? (Talor?), Edwd. Warren, Callum Ross, Wm. Langston Sen., Wm. Langston, Edward Hare, Henry King, Isaac Williams, Francis Speight, Moses Hare,

and at the prayer of the said persons, Isaac Williams and Wm. Jones are appointed overseers of the said road and ordered that the following persons & their hands work thereon Vizt:

Wm. Taylor, Jno. Moor, Robt. Smith, Callum Ross, Jno. Thomas, Wm. Wallace, Jno Hynds, Joseph Crawford, John Odam, Robert Manor, James Ellis, James Ellis Jur., Wm. Langston, Wm. Langston Jur., Lenord Langston, Charles Russell, Saml. Euer, Epaphrods Jones, John Parker, Jos. Van, Thos. Langston, Alex. Carter, Edwd. Hare, ___ King, Moses Odam, Wm. Goodman, Martha Pipkins hands, Henry Goodman

(Note: the term "hands" refers to Martha having someone at her household who could assist the overseer of the road such as sons and slaves. This offers a glimpse of neighbors names at the time.)

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