Pipkin Family Association

Dobbs County, NC Militia, 1761

Contributed by Dan Jackson

NC Archives
Governor's Office 146
Taxables, Justices and Militia Officers

11 March 1761

Richard Caswell Col.

Abraham Sheppard, Jun. L. Col.

William McTyre Maj

Charles Young Capt Dead

Richard Byrd Lieu. Capt.

Benjamin Caswell En Lieut

Sam. Caswell Ensign

Martin Caswell Capt

Francis Harper Lieut

Dennis Mclendon Ens

Wm. Whitefield Capt. Resigned

Henry Goodman Lieu Capt.

Moses Prescote Ens Lieut

Constantine Whitfield Ensign

Wm. Williams Capt. Dead

John Murphy Capt.

Jacob Mclendon Lieut

removed John Charlescraft Lt

Isaac Hardie Ens do.

Wm. Skinner Ensign

Wm. Speight Capt.

William Speight Jun Lieut

Francis Speight Ens.

Simon Herring Capt.

resigned Major Croom Capt

Joshua Herring Lieut

Joshua Herring Lieut

Major Croom Ens

James Oats Capt

Anthony Herring Lieut

Stephen Blackman Ens

Lewis Pipkin Capt Dead

Wm. McKennie Lieu Capt

Jethro Oats Ens Lieut

Jos. Pipkin Ensign

James Calcote Capt Removed

John Cade Lieu Capt

Wm. Ham Ens refused to act

John Elventon Lieut

John Sherrod Capt

Isham Lane Ensign

Thomas Lane Lieut removed

Wm. Fort Lieut

John Peacock Ens


Stephen Cade Capt

Wm. Randal Capt.

William Cade Lieut

Stephen Tilman Lieut

William Faircloth Cornel(?)

Armwell (?) Keanan Ensign

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