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Pipkin Chest

Submitted by Rosie Guthrie

This is said to be a Pipkin chest, put in the Historical Society of Oklahoma Museum by William H. Clift, who acquired it in Arkansas from a relative. It is quite old, would have come down through Martin Pipkin, son of Stephen Pipkin. Believe Stephen was son of a Lewis Pipkin, son of John of the will in Chowan County, NC (that part of Chowan is now in Gates County, NC)

Close up of chest lock

From the Pipkin Archives (author unknown):
The only souvenier of the early ancestry is an old seafaring chest which presumably was brought to America from Wales. It is now in the Historical Building in Oklahoma City, Okla, along with a loom and spinning wheel, with a card tacked on the lid. This chest was made in Wales in the early part of the 18th century. Brought to America by the great-grandfather of the donor. Owner of the chest was one of the first converts of John Wesley. The chest is thought to have been buried during the Revolutionary War, a new bottom had been put on it. It presumably was inherited by Martin Luther, then William K. (5th child of M.L.) given to Richard Daniel, and his son Luther. William Henry Clift wanted it put in a museum so that it would be preserved. He was very proud of his history. The chest has some markings on the front and end, which have not been explained.

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