Pipkin Family Association

Daniel Moses Pipkin Family

Submitted by Beulah Pipkin

Back row, l-r: Edgar, Marvin, David, Reuben, Flossie
Bottom row, l-r: Beulah in Daniel's lap, Wilbur, Bun 3 mo in Sarah's lap
other members born after 1900 (Francis, Velma, Joe Nathan)

Daniel's Family at the Homestead House, 1900

Left to right: Marvin-11 yrs, Edgar-13 yrs, Reuben-15 yrs, Beulah-4 yrs, Flossie-8 yrs, David-7 yrs, Daniel (Father)-39 yrs, Wilbur-2 yrs, Sarah (Mother)-34-yrs, Bun-3 mo

Built in 1894, the second homestead house. This house and the homestead was sold to Phosphate Company in 1905.

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