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Dr. Isaac & Margaret Gregory Pipkin

Dr. Isaac Pipkin

Painted by Thomas Sully. Original price paid to Sully, $120.

Description: Brown eyes, brown curly hair and short side whiskers. White collar, brass buttons. Black stock and cravat, in which is a small jewelled pin. Black coat with right elbow resting on stone pedestal. Left hand gloved and holding other glove. In background at right a brown wall; at center and left a dark stormy sky, lighter over horizon at lower left.

Lived at Murfreesboro, NC. Married Mrs. Joseph Dickinson [Margaret Pugh Gregory] of Gates Co., NC. Died in New Orleans, about 1850.

Mrs. Isaac Pipkin – Margaret Pugh Gregory

Painted by Thomas Sully. Artist received $120 for portrait.
Description: The subject has brown eyes and dark brown hair. She wears a white satin dress trimmed with white ruffles, blue stone brooch, gold-chain necklace, and greenish velvet cloak lined with white fur. Her right arm rests on the arm of a mahogany chair upholstered in greenish blue fabric. In the background is a brownish red curtain draped back at lower left, disclosing a dark blue sky flecked with sunset clouds.

Margaret Pugh Gregory (1785-1866) of Gates County, NC was the daughter of James Gregory and Mary Wynne, and the granddaughter of Col. Benjamin Wynne and Peggy Pugh. She married first, General Joseph F. Dickinson of Winton, NC, Brigadier-General in the War of 1812. The subject’s second husband was Dr. Pipkin of Murfreesboro, NC. Dr. and Mrs. Pipkin had two daughters who died without descendants. Mrs. Pipkin died in Baltimore, Md.

The above information and photos are found at Frick Art Reference Library of the Frick Collection, 10 East 71st Street, New York, NY 10021.

The following information comes from a Pipkin Association Newsletter:

(Doctor) Isaac Pipkin born 20 Nov 1797 in Northampton County, died 21 Jan 1850 in Portsmouth, VA. He was a graduate of Medical College in Philadelphia in 1821. Vol 33, pg 166 of "Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography" states: "Dr. and Mrs. Pipkin of Murfreesboro, NC had their individual portraits painted in 1825 by Thos. Sully of Philadelphia." He married Margaret Gregory Dickson, widow of Brigadier General Joseph F. Dickson, at Baltimore, MD on 20 Jun 1825. He represented Hertford County, NC in the NC Constitutional Convention at Raleigh, NC in 1835. He, a Democrat, was one of the delegates who voted against endorsing the work of the convention. Margaret was born 1 Jan 1795 and died 1866 in Baltimore, MD. He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Portsmouth, VA.

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