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Ernest James & Hettie Myrtle Rose Pipkin

Ernest James Pipkin 1884-1970

(John d. 1745 / Joseph / Willis / Mills / Asher / Moses Pipkin)


Ernest James Pipkin, son of Moses and Cynthia Coats Pipkin was born March 23, 1884 in Wayne County, where he lived his entire life. He was married to Hettie Rose Pipkin, and they were the parents of five children: Lillian Potts, Margaret Thigpen, Rose Ginn and Edna Price, all of the Mount Olive area, and John M. Pipkin now of Guilford College.

For thirty years Ernest Pipkin taught the Adult Sunday School Class and served as superintendent of Rhodes Friends Church, which was named for his wife's family. He and his family were dedicated to the Church and to helping people in the community who were sick and needy. As evidence of their faithfulness they always welcomed visiting ministers, friends and family in their home for days or weeks at a time.

In the early years many of the members moved away or died leaving a small membership at the Church. Therefore, for a period between 1920 and 1940 the Church's survival depended on Ernest and his family. His daughter Lillian, played the organ, his wife taught the Beginners Class and the rest of the family participated in other ways.

He and his son John made pews for the sanctuary from lumber from home grown cypress trees, as well as making all necessary repairs along the way.

Even in later years he kept an active interest in the Church, and in 1968 when land was needed for a parsonage for the Church's ministers, he and his wife gladly gave the land.

The welcome for visitors was still there and those who came to visit an aging Ernest and Hettie will surely remember their warmth and the homemade pound cake and coffee which was served as they sat around the kitchen table.

Living to be eighty-six years of age, he died on his birthday, March 23, 1970. Ernest is buried beside his wife of sixty-four years in Wayne Memorial Park. In his death the community lost a tower of strength but the Lord received His own.

Written by their daughter, Edna Pipkin Price

Ernest/Moses/Asher/Mills/Willis/Joseph/John Pipkin d 1745

Hetti Myrtle Rose Pipkin 1887-1973


(Read to Rhodes Monthly Meeting; to be read at Quarterly Meeting and at yearly Meeting, Guilford College)

Hettie Rose Pipkin, daughter of John Wright and Susan King Rose, was born March 23, 1887 in Johnston County. In 1900, her family moved to Wayne County where she spent the rest of her life.

She was married in 1906 to Ernest James Pipkin and they became the parents of five children: Lillian P. Potts; Margaret P. Thigpen; Rose P. Gin; Edna P. Price, all of Mount Olive, and John M. Pipkin now of Guilford College. Her husband passed away in 1970.

Her father was instrumental in the organization of Rhodes Friends Church which was named for his mother's family. Many of the charter members and their families either died or moved away causing the membership at Rhodes to become quite small, so that during the period between 1920 and 1940, many times Hettie Rose Pipkin and her family were almost the entire attendance at Sunday School and meetings for worship. Her family were leaders in the teaching of classes, playing the organ, and she was for many years teacher of the Beginner's class.

Many times on Saturdays, she walked to the Church to sweep and clean, and then back on Sundays for the services. The minister was always welcome in her home. She was a devout Christian, a kind and loving friend, and a wonderful neighbor. She was good about visiting, especially new people in the community, taking vegatables from the garden or some thoughtful gift, and when there was sickness around she was often called to minister to their needs both physical and spiritual.

She loved people so much that she kept a huge scrapbook, filled with clippings of people she knew, concerning their accomplishments and their deaths.

When her health failed and she was unable to attend Sunday School and Church, she retained her interest in the work to the extent that when a lot was needed on which to build a parsonage for Rhodes Friends' Minister, she and her husband gladly gave it. And when she heard that the Church was starting an organ fund, she expressed a wish to contribute and for her children to do likewise. Many of her friends have made contributions to this fund as a memorial to her, which is very fitting since she loved music so much.

In her death on April 12, 1973, her Church and her friends have sustained a great loss, for in her physical absence, her prayers were still with us. "Her children arise up, and call her blessed." Proverbs 31:28

We feel that our loss is her gain in that she has gone to be with the Lord in that home not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

Written by Olive Crow

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