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Submitted by Donna Pipkin Raines

George Washington & Hannah Bretz Pipkin Family

This is George Washington Pipkin, my great grandfather, who was born in Yalobusha County, Mississippi in 1850.

The people in this picture, from left to right are as follows: (child of George & Hannah Bretz Pipkin), Arthur Pipkin, born in Henderson County, Tennessee in 1892; George Washington Pipkin; (child standing), Ann, born in 1884 in Missouri; Hannah Ann Bretz, wife (daughter of William Hiram Bretz & Mary Bretz); and (child in Hannah's arms, my grandfather), Louie Stewart Pipkin, born in Henderson County, Tennessee in 1894.

George Washington Pipkin died in 1900 in Henderson County, Tennessee and is buried at Prospect Cemetery in Henderson County. Hannah A. Bretz died in 1939 and is also buried in Prospect Cemetery.

Ann Pipkin never married and died on 11 Jun 1920 from blood poising, caused by scratching her hand on a fence.

Louie Stewart Pipkin married Minnie Barber and they had 10 children. They lived in Henderson County and McNairy County, Tennessee. Louie Stewart Pipkin died in 1964 in McNairy County. Both Louie and Minnie Pipkin are buried in Prospect Cemetery.

George Washington Pipkin was the son of Stewart Asher Pipkin, born between 1802 and 1804 in North Carolina. Stewart Asher Pipkin married Ann Patterson (records state in Mississippi) on 8 Apr 1847.

Stewart Asher Pipkin married wife number two, Sarah Ann Mathis on 17 Jul 1853 at Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Children from these two marriages were:

1. Sarah Pipkin, born in 1848 in Mississippi
2. George Washington Pipkin, born in 1850 in Mississippi
3. Jesse Pipkin, born in Mississippi
4. Selah Celia Pipkin
5. Armita Pipkin, born in Missouri
6. Mary Jeannie Pipkin, born in Bollinger, Missouri
7. Lucille Pipkin, born 3 Mar 1859 at Cape Girardeau, Missouri
8. John Mills Pipkin, born in Missouri in 1866. John also settled in Henderson County, TN and was a doctor in the community. He also served as the postmaster for the "Pipkin" post office between Scotts Hill & Sardis, TN

John Pipkin, d. 1745, Jesse, Asher, Stewart Asher Pipkin

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