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Submitted by Marie Stanley

Isaac was born 27 March, 1855 (place of birth unknown at present). He died 12 August 1891 or ll August 1897 (place unknown). I have two different dates for his death, so need to do further research unless someone else knows. He was buried in the Lewis F. Pipkin family cemetery in Macon County, TN. I don't think the cemetery is still intact, but will check on my next visit to Lafayette. My information was obtained from Alene Kingrey.

He first married Melinda Marsh, b. 25 July 1856. Date of marriage unknown and date of her death unknown.

The had two children, my grandfather, Samuel Edgar Pipkin, and a daughter, Ader (Ada?) O. Pipkin.

After Melinda's death, he married Audie Laura Bray, b. 1860, d. 1932. No further information on her except my grandfather used to tell Alene that he had a half sister who was badly burned in the fireplace when she was just a toddler and she died as a result of the burns.

My grandfather, Samuel Edgar Pipkin and family

Been busy lately researching U.S. Census files on Ancestry.com for Alene. We were trying to find a "Joseph Pipkin" evidently born to our grandparents, Samuel E. and Effie Dora East Pipkin. He was listed in the 1910 census and also in the 1920 census there was a listing beginning with J---tia or J---tis - the writing is very poor. I finally found him in the 1910 census listed as Joseph L or Joseph F as being 5 mos. old. This would have to be my father who was born November 14, 1909.

In 1920 the person is listed as 8 years old. We were under the impression that another son had been born to them but had died and there was no record of it. We were told that my father was not named until he was almost a year old; they called him "boss." Could it have been possible that a name was simply entered to satisfy the census takers? My father had one name only, Fred, until he added the initial E. because there was another Fred Pipkin who lived in Lafayette - we lived in Old Hickory, TN then. They both banked at the same bank in Lafayette and to avoid confusion, my father took the Initial E. When he applied for a copy of his birth certificate, they told him he could give himself a middle name which he did, Eugene. Thus, my father became Fred Eugene Pipkin, b. 14 Nov. 1909, d. 26 Jan. 1977.

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