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John Milton Taylor Pipkin Family - Keller, Texas 1895
(Back left) "Burt" Pipkin, Lenora Alice Pipkin, Fred Pipkin
(Seated) John M.T. Pipkin holding "Bill" Pipkin, Mary Ellen Pipkin
(Seated) Mary Eleanor Bray Pipkin, George Pipkin

John M.T. Pipkin, b. 9 Jan 1849, Co A, 8th Regt Inf TN Vols, USA & Lt. 9th KY Vols Teacher, Farmer, Postmaster in Keller

Mary Eleanor Bray, b. 27 Feb 1852, housewife

Lenora Alice (Aunt Nora), b. 3 Mar 1877, m. W.K. Hall, active in Dallas Politics, School named for her - children: Helen, Dorothy, Lenore (Baby Sis), Nancy

Frederick Taylor, b. 30 Sep 1880, m. Orrie Belle? - children: Joe, Ima, Robert

John Burton "Burt", b. 7 Feb 1882, m. Martha Ellen Crawford - children: Lenora Alice, Ouita, John B. "Johnny", Elberta, Kirk

George Bray, b. 25 Aug 1884, m. 1st Myrtle Gates, 2nd Cora Hurley - children: Ina Belle, Marion "Missy", George Jr. "Buck"

Mary Ellen "Aunt Sis", b. 13 Aug 1887, m. W.T. Davison - children: Grace E., Ruth Louise William Wilson "Daddy Bill", b. 15 Jul 1891, m. Minnie Lee Crawford "Nanny" - children: Lorene Myrtle, Alfred Lee

Pipkin Family History

The Will of John Pipkin, Sr., dated 21 May 1745, records the name of his wife, ten children and a sizable amount of property. This is the beginning of the Pipkin line in the United States.

Lewis Pipkin, son of John Pipkin, born about 1730 is believed to have moved to what later became Dobbs County, Newburn District, North Carolina. He didn't leave much of a record of his short life, but he is believed to be the Captain Lewis Pipkin listed as dead in the March 1761 roster of the North Carolina Militia. Lewis is believed to have had at least two sons, Stephen, born about 1757, and Lewis, born about 1760.

Lewis Pipkin, grandson of John Pipkin, born about 1760, is listed in the 1790 census of North Carolina, with sixteen other Pipkin families. Lewis married Clemency Hughes about 1784. With the opening of Tennessee for the payment of Revolutionary Soldiers' warrants, it is possible that he bought up one of these warrants and moved to Tennessee after 1790 with other Pipkins. The first record of Lewis Pipkin in Tennessee is an article in the Tennessee Gazette of March 30, 1803. This article reports that 220 acres of land belonging to Lewis Pipkin was sold for back taxes for the year 1799. Lewis and family were probably in Smith County for the 1800 and 1810 censuses, but both of these censuses are missing. He is listed in the Juror-In Minute Book K, 1808-1811 several times:

Page 11 - March 1808, Dunken Stewart to Lewis Pipkin, deed of 600 acres, by oath of Aaron Laws and Stewart Pipkin
Page 16 - Jesse Pipkin to Stewart Pipkin, Bill of Sale, by oath of Lewis Pipkin
Page 515 - Jurors ordered Lewis Pipkin be included in the appointed for the next court of pleas and quarter sessions.

The Jesse Pipkin and Stewart(d) Pipkin mentioned in the above have not been identified; could they be brothers of Lewis? Smith County, Tennessee was the home of Lewis Pipkin until he died in 1814. His will is found on page 14, Smith County Wills and Inventories of 1812-1814. He left his property to his wife Clemency and his two sons, Lewis and Jesse, who were of age. It is believed that he didn't name all his children in his will due to a desire that his property have an early settlement. At least 11 children are known, Jesse, Sally (Sarah), Charlotte, Lewis Samuel, Hugh (Hughes), Isaac Carroll, Stephen, Alexander, Samuel, Cena (Sena) and Clemency.

Lewis Pipkin, great great grandson of John Pipkin, was born about 1799 in Smith County, Tennessee, to Lewis and Clemency Pipkin. He married Susannah Dalton Young, daughter of Milton Young, in 1818. Five children were born of this marriage, Lewis, Elizabeth Emily, William Harvey, Eliza, and unknown. Following the death of Susannah in 1838, Lewis married Abigail Gilliam and had a daughter, Susan Josephine, born 1840. Abigail died and Lewis married a third time to Rachel ?? and another daughter, Mary J. Pipkin, was born in 1849. Lewis Pipkin died in Macon County, Tennessee, in 1856.

William Harvey Pipkin, great-great-great-grandson of John Pipkin, was born about 1828 and was the only surviving son of Lewis and Susannah Dalton Pipkin. He married Elizabeth J. Patterson (of Monroe Co. KY or Macon Co. TN) in l846. Their children were John Milton Taylor, Samuel Peyton Clay, Arthula Parthena, Mary Eular Frances Perisetta, George H.M., and Elizabeth J. His first wife, Elizabeth, died after 1857. He married Nancy Susan Walker in 1859, daughter of James M. and Charlotta C. Walker, a neighbor. William Harvey, Jr. was born of this marriage.

William Harvey first served as 1st Lt. in Company "A", 9th Kentucky Regiment and resigned 15 June 1963. "He gave the reasons for resigning as the condition of his wife and children. His house had burned, wife was ill due to exertion, and was recovering from a paralyzing stroke. (info from Clint Pipkin)" On 17 September 1863, William Harvey re-enlisted in Co. "B", 37th Regt. KY. Volunteers. U.S.A. leaving at home his wife and seven children, four of them under ten years of age. On October 6, 1863, less than a month later he was killed. His burial place is unknown.

His two older sons, John Milton Taylor and Samuel Peyton Clay enlisted on November 22, 1864 in Co. "A", 8th Regt. Mounted Infantry, T.N. Vols., U.S.A. John Milton Taylor was 15yrs old and his brother was 14yrs old.

Nancy Susan Pipkin applied for a pension in 1864, listing all of William Harvey's children as dependents. In 1869, William Carroll Pipkin, a cousin to William Harvey, was appointed guardian of William Harvey's children by his first wife, Elizabeth and he applied for a pension as guardian of minor children of William Harvey Pipkin.

William Carroll Pipkin, born 8 October, 1834, died 28 February 1906, Macon, TN. He married Susan Short, 29 December 1853. His father was Isaac Carroll Pipkin and his mother was Martha Hurd.

John Milton Taylor Pipkin, great-great-great-great-grandson of John Pipkin, was born 9 January 1849 in Macon County, Tennessee. His middle names were for his grandfather, Milton Young (married to Nancy Witcher) and his great-uncle Samuel Taylor (married Sarah Pipkin, daughter of Lewis and Clemency Hughes). He married Mary Eleanor Bray, daughter of James Bray, on 19 November 1871. John M.T. was teaching school and the parents of Mary Eleanor were opposed to her marrying a man with such a limited future, so they eloped. After the elopement, all was forgiven and the bride's parents gave a belated wedding feast for the newly married couple, inviting friends and relatives.

John. M.T. remained in Macon County until 1876. Tired of teaching school and looking for new opportunities, he borrowed $700 from his in-laws and set out for Missouri. John Milton Taylor settled in Jasper County, Missouri, where his first three children were born: Lenora Alice, Frederick Taylor, and Burt. In February 1883 the family moved to Fannin County, Texas, where George Bray Pipkin was born. The family later moved to Tarrant County, where Mary Ellen and William Wilson Pipkin were born. John Milton Taylor Pipkin settled at Keller where he was a freighter and farmer. He was twice postmaster of Keller: 1889-1893 and 1904-1906. His wife, Mary Eleanor, died 10 March 1918, and he died 24 May 1924, leaving five surviving children and thirteen grandchildren. Both are buried in Bourland's Cemetery at Keller.

(Most of the above narrative was copied from the Pipkin History written by Jack White, son of Lenora Alice Pipkin White, grandson of Burt and Martha Ellen Pipkin. Jack was a great grandson of William Harvey Pipkin and Mary Eleanor.)

William Wilson Pipkin was born 15 July 1891 in Keller and lived there all his life. As a young man, he learned to train and break horses to the saddle. He trained one horse to follow him around town. Other boys bet that the horse wouldn't follow him up the steps to the schoolhouse and into the building. William (Bill) took the bet, and the horse did follow him up the stairs and into the building. This act did get him in trouble with the school and with his parents.

He fell in love with Minnie Lee Crawford (born 8 September 1891) and her parents forbid her to see him. When both reached the age of 18, they decided to elope. Minnie had worked for months making a white dress to wear to church on this special Sunday. On this Sunday, it was raining and her Mother wouldn't let her wear the white dress. Minnie didn't argue and changed her dress. At Church, William slyly opened his coat to reveal the marriage license, and Minnie knew that was the signal. After church, she went home with her older married sister, Martha Ellen and Burt Pipkin. William also arrived bringing the minister. They were married in the home of her sister and his brother. Burt William was a farmer, raised horses and cattle and operated an oat threshing machine for a countywide area of farmers. They had two children, Lorene Myrtle Pipkin, born 29 December 1910 and Alfred Lee Pipkin, born 29 July 1913. William Wilson and Minnie became known as Daddy Bill and Nanny to family and friends. Nanny drew the plans for their two-story tile house and then she and her brother Blunt Crawford built the house. Daddy Bill loved to sing the old gospel songs while sitting on his back porch. He died 14 August 1956. Nanny died 14 December 1987. Both are buried in Bourland's Cemetery. They had eight grandchildren and twenty-three great-grandchildren.

Alfred Lee Pipkin was owner of a mechanic shop, farmer, avid sportsman and loving father. He served on the Keller City Council and Keller School Board. He was a Master of the Keller Lodge, member of the Lions Club and Shriners Organization.

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