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Jane Pipkin Kepley Family

Submitted by James D. Thomas

Jane Pipkin Kepley, b. 17 May, 1830, Murfreesboro, TN, d. 14 Sep 1917 in Bourbon Co, TN.,
descends from Hiram Marion Pipkin

Ephriam Kepley, b. 24 Feb 1826, Davidson Co., NC, d. 11 Apr 1905 in Bourbon Co., TN

Ephriam Kepley, the son of George & Isabella Boise Kewpley, was born February 24, 1826, in Davidson County, North Carolina. He died April 11, 1905, in Bourbon County. He was a farmer and stockman.

On June 14, 1849, at Greene County, Missouri, Ephriam took as his bride Jane Pipkin. She was born May 17, 1830, at Murfreesboro, Tennessee and died September 14, 1917 in Bourbon County. In the fall of 1854, Ephriam came to Bourbon County and erected a crude log cabin. This was the first cabin built on the Little Osage River in Kansas. The following spring he brought his wife and three small children to Bourbon County, where they started their new life in Kansas.

Ephraim and Jane were the parents of fourteen children:
Frances Isabella, born May 4, 1850, in Green County, Missouri;
George Lewis, born March 30, 1851, in Green County and died November 29, 1873;
Mary, born August 14, 1852, in Green County and died March 9, 1880 in California;
William David, born October 1, 1854, in Bourbon County and died October 23, 1879 in California;
Margaret Ann "Babe", born September 2, 1856, in Bourbon County and died May 30, 1945, in Iola;
John Leonard "Bud", born April 27, 1859, in Bourbon County and died October 7, 1926, in Devon;
Robert Bailey, born March 22, 1861, in Bourbon County;
Sarah Susan "Tude", born March 11, 1863, in Bourbon County and died September 11, 1958, in Baron Rouge, Louisiana;
Emma Belle, born February 22, 1865, in Bourbon County and died October 2, 1941, in Bourbon County;
Ephriam, born January 29, 1867, in Bourbon County;
Jane "Tid", born March 15, 1869, in Bourbon County and died July 29, 1957;
Alice "Allie" born October 10, 1871, in Bourbon County and died May 21, 1950, in Topeka;
Ida May, born and died in 1874;
Lula Maude, born August 23, 1876, in Bourbon County and died in Noverber 1956, in Iola.

Ephraim was a Democrat and Mason and served in the State Milita.

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