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Mary Elizabeth Pipkin

Contributed by PFA member Jean B. Gray. Cousin Jean and her husband Joseph joined the Association in June of 1978.

(1) Joseph Gray's parents were John Ryals Gray and (2) Effie Julia Coody - Effie's parents were Benjamin Joseph Coody, Jr. and (3) Elmyra Josephine Armstrong - Elmyra's parents were Berry A. Armstrong and (4) Mary Elizabeth Pipkin - Mary's parents were (5) Philip Pipkin and wife unknown - Philip was the son of (6) William Pipkin and wife unknown - William's parents were (7) Asa Pipkin and wife unknown - Asa's parents were (8) Phillip Pipkin "of the 1745 will" and wife unknown - (9) John Pipkin, d. 1745, Chowan County, NC.

Col. Philip Pipkin's notes reference Asa Pipkin, son of Phillip Pipkin of Pitt County, NC, was in Sampson County, NC in the 1790 census. There were two Pipkins in that census: Ashu and Ashur, both with the same number in the household but Ashur had a slave listed. [Note: this might have been an error on the census taker's part as only one Pipkin was shown in the 1784-86 State Tax census in Sampson County and his name was listed as Asher Pipkin with 800 acres, one white pole and one black pole.]

Col. Philip's notes also reference Ashu Pipkin was not in the 1800 census of Sampson County and was possibly the Asa in Sumter District, SC in 1800. Asa was not in the 1810 Sumter District census, however Asa Pipkin purchased land in Wilkerson County, GA on 6 Jan 1809; and Asa witnessed a deed of Jesse Pipkin on 7 Jun 1809 in Laurens County, GA. This deed notes the names of four Pipkin men who are either sons or stepsons of Jesse. One of these is Abraham McEnnons Pipkin who was born in 1796 in Sumter County, SC which further shows Asa to have been from Sumter County.

Another note states Asa apparently went to Conecuh County, AL prior to 1818 for he was not listed in the Tax List of Georgia for that year. He was in the 1820-30-40-50 census of Conecuh County and listed as 90 years of age in 1850. Proposed son of Asa Pipkin:

William Pipkin under 16 in 1790 census of Sampson County, NC with Ashu Pipkin
" 16/26 in 1800 census of Sumter County, SC with Asa Pipkin
" 16/26 in 1810 census of Sumter County, SC as head of family
" 40/50 in 1830 census of Pulaski County, GA as head of family
" 60/70 in 1840 census of Pulaski County, GA as head of family
" Age 73 in 1850 census of Leon County, FL as head of family

The number of marriages for William Pipkin in Pulaski County is not known but it is believed there was only one. These marriages were to: Elizabeth Garrett on 13 Oct 1817; Annie Snell on 26 Jan 1834; and Elizabeth Nichols on 4 Jan 1846. Proposed children of William Pipkin and unknown wife:

1. Philip Pipkin - age 40 in Leon County, FL 1850 census living next door to William Pipkin
2. Murdock Pipkin - born ca. 1810 - name of first wife unknown; married 2nd Sarah Ann Maddox 15 Apr 1875, she being listed as a widow in deed of 1886
3. Elizabeth Pipkin - born ca. 1832
4. Fennible Pipkin - born ca. 1833
Philip Pipkin (#1 above) - first wife unknown; married 2nd Anny Nichols on 12 Jan 1842 in Pulaski County. The 1850 census calls her Elizabeth Ann born c1810 in SC. They sold 80 acres of land in Leon County, FL in December 1855. He married 3rd Elizabeth Dugger 10 Feb 1859 in Leon County, she born c. 1821 in GA. He married 4th Sarah Elizabeth McLeod in Pulaski County on 29 Sep 1866, she born c.1853 in GA.

Philip's sons, Murdock M. and Jesse, were issued letters of administration in his estate 9 Jan 1877. The following children were listed in the estate except William Ascum:

1. Mary Elizabeth
2. William Ascum, born c. 1843 in FL; died prior to 1876
3. Georgeann, born Feb 1845 in Leon County, FL; married Jackson N. Nobles
4. Gracy M., born c. 1847; married George W. Brown
5. Murdock M. (Mert), born c. 1849 in FL; married Ann E. Dailey 23 Jun 1872

Mary Elizabeth Pipkin (#1 above) was born 21 Mar 1841 in GA and married Berry A. Armstrong in Pulaski County. He was born c1832 in GA, or Wake County, NC and died 21 Apr 1879 in Pulaski County. She married 2nd a Joiner and died 18 Nov 1924 in Jackson, Butts County, GA. Her children were: James P. and Elmyra Josephine Armstrong.

Elmyra Josephine Armstrong, born 20 Jul 1864 in Pulaski Co, GA & died 9 Mar 1953 in Columbia, SC. She married 1st James Sasser & 2nd Benjamin Joseph Coody, Jr. on 8 May 1888. He was born 23 Jun 1865 in Pulaski County & died 21 Mar 1912 in Pulaski County.

Effie Julia Coody, daughter of Benjamin Joseph and Elmyra Josephine Coody, was born 6 Mar 1890 in Pulaski County and married 12 Jun 1915, John Ryals Gray, born 27 Sep 1885 in Tatthall County, GA and died 7 Feb 1957 in Tampa, FL.

[The above information taken from the Pipkin Association files compiled by Col. Philip Pipkin]

This brings us to Joseph Gray, son of Effie Julia Coddy and John Ryals Gray, the contributor's husband. Cousin Jean has also contributed the following deed:

State of Georgia } This Indenture, made the twentieth day of February in the year of our Lord Pulaski County } one thousand eight hundred and seventy five between Philip Pipkin of the county of Pulaski of the one part, and Berry Armstrong of the county of Pulaski of the other part; Witnesseth that the said Philip Pipkin for and in consideration of the sum of eleven hundred dollars cash in hand paid, at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged has granted, bargained, sold, aliened, conveyed and confirmed and by these presents does grant, bargain, sell, alien, convey and confirm unto the said Berry Armstrong his heirs and assigns, all that lot or tract of land situate lying and being in the Twenty first District (21st) of originally Wilkinson now Pulaski County known as lot number Two hundred and fifty four (254) containing Two hundred two and a half acres more or less - To have and to hold the said tract or lot of land and premises with all and singular the right, members and appurtenances thereunto appertaining, to the only proper use, benefit, and behoof of him the said Berry Armstrong, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, in fee simple; And the said Philip Pipkin the said bargained premises unto the said Berry Armstrong his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, against the said Philip Pipkin, his heirs, executors and administrators and against all and every other person or persons, shall and will warrant and forever defend by virtue of these presents ~ In Witness Whereof, the said Philip Pipkin hath hereunto set his hand affixed his seal and delivered these presents, the day and year first above written
Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us
P.T. McGriff Ordy PC
Philip (his x mark) Pipkin {Seal}
E.A. Burch Clrk Supr Ct
Entered February 22nd 1875
E.A. Burch Clerk

The editor visited the Sampson County Courthouse and found the following records:

Sampson County Deed Book 3, pages 377-378; 1772; John Roberts to Jesse Pipkin, both of Dobbs County, 100 acres; mentions land in Duplin County, Wolf Branch, Isaac Hinds [Sampson County was created from Duplin County in 1784]

Sampson County Deed Book 7, pages 39-40; 1775; Joseph Slocumb to Asher Pipkin, both of Dobbs County, 400 acres; mentions Goshen Swamp, plantation where said Slocumb now lives; another tract of land of 200 acres; witnesses: Jesse Pipkin and Luke Pipkin [Note from editor: Luke Pipkin is thought to be a son of John Pipkin Jr. of the will of 1745 and he resided in Wayne County. Is it possible Jesse, Luke and this Asher were brothers instead of Asher being son of Phillip of the 1745 will ?]

Sampson County Deed Book 7, pages 25-26; 1780; William Bush to Asher Pipkin, 103 acres; mentions Goshen Swamp, Pipkin's own corner

Sampson County Land Grant Book A, page 221 - Ashur Pipkin was granted 300 acres on 10 Nov 1784; references bordering his own line, Goshen Swamp, Slocumb's corner, William Bush's corner, signed by Governor Alex Martin

Sampson County Deed Book 10, pages 76-77; 1790; Asher Pipkin to Thomas Sutton, land Asher Pipkin was granted in 1782; 509 acres; mentions Goshen Swamp, another tract granted to Asher Pipkin, 1780 for 5 acres

Sampson County Deed Book 10, pages 130-131; 1793; Asher Pipkin to William Bizzell, 295 acres; mentions Pipkin's corner, Slocumb's line, Goshen Branch, Wiggin's Branch

Sampson County Deed Book 10, pages 369-370; 1793, same day as previous deed above; Asher Pipkin to William Bizzell, 295 acres; mentions Francis Elmore's line, William Bizzell's line, Slocumb's line

Sampson County Deed Book 10, pages 104-105; 1796; Joseph Slocumb to A. Pipkin, 200 acres; mentions Goshen Swamp, McCullok's and Parish's lines

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