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Fayette Fletcher Pipkin, 1893-1966

Roger Wilbarger Pipkin, 1892-1928

Submitted by Mel Lazin - mlazin@gmail.com

My Great Great Uncle, Judge Lafayette Kirk, and his family were close friends of the Wilbarger's, the Sayre's and the Pipkin's.

These photographs are of two sons of Lewis Beauregard Pipkin, and his wife, Katie Sayre Wilbarger Pipkin.

The photographs were both taken in January of 1899 at the Yancey Studio in Beaumont, Texas, ostensibly on the same day.

The first photograph is of Fayette Fletcher Pipkin, age 2 years, 5 months. He was born on 23 August 1893 in Beaumont, TX and died 4 January 1966.

The second photograph is of Roger Wilbarger Pipkin, age 3 years, 10 months. He was born on 22 March 1892 in Beaumont TX and died, 10 May 1928. Roger married Elizabeth Bess Chance and they had a son, Roger Wilbarger Pipkin, born on 17 September 1918 in Beaumont, TX, and died 4 July 1969.

Lafayette Kirk (James Lafayette Kirk) was a lawyer with the firm Sayre and Bassett in Brenham Texas from 1879 after graduating from Old Baylor (Independence). In 1882, he was elected Justice of the Peace, Brenham, Precinct Three, serving for two years. He was elected County Judge in 1884. and was key to raising finances to build the $75,000 courthouse. For eight years he served the county as judge. 0n November 8, 1892, Judge Kirk was elected Judge of the Twenty-First Judicial District.

His name was being bantered about for the Governorship of Texas. He was engaged to be married to Katie Sayre Wilbarger Pipkin's sister, Claudia Wilbarger (both daughter's of Josiah Pugh Wilbarger for whom Wilbarger County is named.)

But suddenly on July 28, 1893, Judge Kirk was dead of congestive heart failure at 35 years old. (I have a photograph of him as well). However, my family remained in the family circle of the Wilbarger's and Pipkin's for many years, at least through the 1930's. Claudia later married another lawyer, Lipscomb Norvell, and she wrote many history books about Early Texas, and the Indians. My great aunt was named Claudia Wilbarger Dillen.

This information contradicts the belief mentioned on your web site that Lewis Beauregard Pipkin and Kate Saye Wilbarger "had no children". They in fact did.

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