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I was lucky enough to get all of my Grandmother's photos. And I've been able to share some wonderful ones with my only two cousins on that side. Many years after her death a kind stranger retrieved my grandmother's photos from my uncle's storage shed in Missouri and mailed them to me!!! Since my uncle had no descendents, they might have been lost forever. I'm glad I asked about them when I did. Some of the older ones are still a mystery to me. But with help from my great aunt Ruby Pipkin Humphries and and her son I was able to identify some of them that had no information on the back.

The above is my favorite photo of my grandmother, Annie Boyd Pipkin. On the back it says "Thursday June 20th 1912 ... To Papa from Annie Boyd"

William Clark Pipkin (1859 - 1929) - My great grandfather taken in Jackson, Tennessee.

Unknown - if anyone recognizes this man, please let me know.

Ruby Pipkin, Virgil C. Reames, and Annie (Pipkin) Reames

Ruby Pipkin, Virgil C. Reames, & Annie (Pipkin) Reames (close-up

This is only a painted backdrop post card from Galveston,TX in 1911, but it amazes me that Galveston was already a thriving tourist destination so soon after the 1900 hurricane and raising the entire city 17 feet! My great aunt, grandmother and grandfather came all the way down from Tennessee to vacation there. From left to right are: Ruby Pipkin, Virgil C. Reames, and Annie (Pipkin) Reames.

Pipkin House in the Hatchie area near Mercer, TN

Sally Ann (Rose) Pipkin, holding my grandmother, Annie Boyd, with sisters Lula and Willie Eva Pipkin on the porch of their house in Hatchie (Hardeman Co) TN in 1889. This is the only picture I have of my great grandmother. My great grandfather, W.C. Pipkin, owned the sawmill in Hatchie before they moved to Jackson (Madison Co) TN. There seem to have been a lot of "sawmen" in our Pipkin family, as Aunt Ruby said they were called. My great great grandfather, Chesley Paris Pipkin, was also a sawman and was killed by a falling tree while riding a horse on his property.

My Pipkin lineage: John 1745, Phillip, Enos, Philip, Chesley Paris, William Clark Pipkin

Contributed by PFA member Sharon Frail

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