Pipkin Family Association

Sidney Pipkin Family

Submitted by Sid Pipkin

From left to right

Back Row

William Weaver (Buck) Pipkin, b. 3-17-1848, d. 2-20-1924
Susan Belle White, b. 12-01 1857, d. 4-17-1937

Front Row

Smith M. Pipkin, b. 2-25-1885, d. 6-09-1966
Holding in his lap Frances Lola Belle Pipkin, b. 1-17-1918, d. 3-15-2001

William Weaver (Bill) Pipkin, b. 12-11-1890, d. 10-16-1932
Holding in his lap Wilma Lee Pipkin, b. 6-16-1918

Samuel Washington Pipkin, b. 3-25-1880, d. 12-09-1959
Holding in his Lap is "me" Sidney Shepherd Pipkin, b. 1-22-1917

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