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Joseph Pipkin

Military Service, Feb 1782, New Bern, Wayne County, NC

Ensign in Dobbs County, NC Militia, 1761

Dobbs County Regiment, 1767

Willis Pipkin, 1786

Stewart Pipkin

Military Service, 4 Jun 1782, Halifax Dist

Military Service, 30 Aug 1783, Halifax Dist, Northampton County, NC

Jesse Pipkin

Military Service, 7 Apr 1781, Newbern Dist, Dobbs County, NC

Military Service, 25 Apr 1781, Wayne County, NC

Military Service, 28 Dec 1781, Newbern Dist, Wayne County, NC

Military Service, 2 Apr 1782, Wayne County, NC

Lewis Pipkin

Captain in Dobbs County, NC Militia - Deceased, 1761

Isaac Pipkin

Military Service, Aug 1782, Gates, Gates County, NC

Military Service, 18 Nov 1783, Gates, Gates County, NC

Chowan County Militia, 1754

Philip Pipkin

Military Service, Apr 1781, Pitt County, NC

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