Pipkin Family Association

Philip Pipkin d abt 1790
Pitt County, NC


Newsletter 1964

Newsletter 1978

Pitt County Safety Committee, 1775

Pay Voucher, Military Service, Apr 1781, Pitt County, NC

Col. William Philip Pipkin, Association Editor

Chowan County, NC Deed

Edw'd Smithwick to Tho's Paris, Chowan County, 1718

Glasgow (Greene) County, NC Deed

Stephen Taylor to Jesse Pipkin, 1793

Pitt County, NC Deeds

Luke White to Phillip Pipkin, 1765

Luke White to Phillip Pipkin, 1765

Phillip Pipkin to Woodey Belcher, 1777

Land Grant, 1778

Land Grant, 1779

Land Grant, 1784

Philip Pipkin to Titus Carr, 1786

Deed of Gift to Jesse, Asa & Isaac Pipkin, 1786

Phillip, Asa & Isaac Pipkin to Joel Moye, 1787

Lewis Smith to Philip Pipkin, 1787

Jesse Pipkin to Lewis Pipkin, 1791

Jesse Pipkin to James Moye, 1793

Enos Pipkin to Enos D. Pipkin, 1847

Col. Philip Pipkin - A Tennessee Militiaman, 1814

Susannah Pipkin Bounty Land Application, 1850

Col. Philip Pipkin Notes, 1814

Extended Family

James Lewis Pipkin

Philip Pipkin, 1814-1883

Philip Pipkin, son of Phillip Pipkin of the will of 1745

Philip & Margaret Brown Pipkin Marriage Certificate, 1792

Thomas B. Pipkin, son of Col. Philip Pipkin

Hardy Murfree to Philip Pipkin, 1797

Jeremiah & Mary Z. Pipkin Fly Marriage Certificate, 1798

Pipkin-Fly Groupsheet

Asa C. Pipkin

Aser Columbus Pipkin

Aser Pipkin, 1805-1901

Paris Pipkin, 1811-1870

Paris Pipkin-Elizabeth Berry Marriage Record, 1833

Paris Pipkin Military Record

Enos Pipkin Deed, 1839

Enos Pipkin Deed to Enos D. Pipkin, 1847

Enos Pipkin Bible

Enos Pipkin Will, 1854

Abraham M. Pipkin Will, 1863

Enos D. Pipkin Will, 1898

Compere Pipkin Record

Jesse Pipkin - Kain Record

Missouri Pipkin Cousins

Nancy Julia Pipkin

Mary Lafentie Pipkin

Chesley Paris Pipkin Newsletter

Pipkin-Agnew Family Records

William Pipkin (Bill Pip)

Savage-Alverson Bible Record

Charles B. Pipkin honored by President Ronald Reagan

Charles B. Pipkin killed in crash

Second Phone Booth in Antlers, 1928

Paris Pipkin Retires from Post Office, 1972

Charles Wilkes Pipkin

Daniel Moroni "Red" Pipkin Newsletter

Daniel Moroni "Red" Pipkin

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